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Let’s admit it, life is confusing. Our goal is to help men, women, and couples navigate life’s various issues. We aim to help people of all social-economic statuses to reach their greatest potential through mental health counseling.

Client Testimonies-

“I highly recommend Tony. He is an incredibly helpful and thoughtful counselor who genuinely cares for the well-being of his patients. I have personally been helped by his wisdom and insight.”

“Tony has been a huge help to me as a counselor. He is kind, relatable, and down to earth, but he’s also highly qualified, asks great questions, and has offered very fruitful direction on a number of occasions.”



    We specialize in Christian Counseling.

    Please visit our therapists’ profiles for individual specializations.Welcome

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    Stephanie Vitabile

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    Tony Lopez
    Ed.S., M.A., M.A.R., M.A.

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    Lina D. Irias
    LMHC, M.Ed.

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    Gizelle Bullock
    LMHC, M.A.

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Welcome to Zion Counseling Center!

Your mental health is vital to healthy living and you have just taken an amazing step into getting help. Kudos!

Depression, loss, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, pornography addiction, spiritual issues, obsessive compulsion, relationship issues, and others tend to lower your satisfaction with life.

Mental Health Counseling provides care to areas such as these by allowing you to feel safe talking about the issue and collaboratively developing new insights and changes that may help you come to a healthier state of mental health.

We began our sole telehealth service in 2019, with a vision of making quality therapy accessible and convenient.  We use an innovative and secure platform that streamlines forms, video, bookings, communication, and billing.

Through various techniques and eclectic approaches, we’ll be able to figure out what behaviors and/or thoughts might be holding you back from living your best life, and finding meaning in everyday situations. There may be no magic button or quick-fix solution when it comes to changing things from the past that have been difficult, but what we can do is work together to find comfort and resolve in the difficult areas of your life, and the challenges you have to face.

Whether you’re looking for support or guidance through a particularly difficult time, or you’re open to a real change in your life and where you’re going, together, we can work together to achieve your goals.

There is no ‘perfect person for this type of therapy. Anyone dealing with any type of behavioral or emotional issues, from depression to couple’s counseling, and everything in between, is welcome. You can rest assured that you will be in a comfortable, supportive, and encouraging environment, where the focus will be on you alone – there is no ‘cookie cutter’ way of doing things here, and your individual needs to achieve growth are the top priority.